Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sunday Funday

Well not all fun, but the day started off perfect with my kids taking me out for breakfast, followed by a great walk by the river and an afternoon of trampoline and the usual kinda fathers day bonding stuff. Then comes what was meant to be the perfect evening for a ride out to the casino to throw some money down the toilet. One mile out of town and my clutch hub nut backs off, shit! Steer off the nearest exit and land right in front of an ice cream stand. Tasty. Not too sure who the hell E.R. Bear is. One quick call to my homeboy CSIK with the rescue truck (with cold beers in a bag I should add, homeboy rules!). Robin shows up outta no where. weird. Load up and head back to town. Fuck. Hours of beer drinking and hilarity to follow... Not such a bad day I guess...

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