Sunday, May 30, 2010

more items

S&S carb support cover and filter element

rotor shroud

stuff fer sale

4" risers

39mm billet narrow glide lowers

Max Schaaf grips

Stock filter mount

billet filter mount super shiney

clearin out stuff... email me if interested

Saturday, May 29, 2010

out with the old...

so this has been a trouble shooting nightmare. got past the coi and not I am thinking the gen is messed. hooked the volt meter up and was getting wonky readings from 13v to 3 v as the RPMs went up... sent it away for an assessment.... but this left one question. wait 4 weeks to get it back and hope that was the issue or get another gen in the meantime

so I placed a call to travis ar prarie rec here in PA and he got on the horn and ordered me a new cycle electric 12V gen alternator combo. it was pricey but they are suppose to run like a ma.

I am not joking if this does not solve the issue look for me under the bridge in the fetal position nursing a 40

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Show and Shine

come on down.... or up for this event! should be a good time!


always see people asking about wiring... me to eh? thought I would throw this up again.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

lookey here

got back from Stoon and brought my new (old) 50 wishbone back with me... threw a wheel in for a look see! this will be a slow project but a fun one for sure!

trippin to Red Deer

me lookin sad on the way to reddeer

my bike looking sad riding in the ambulance

so I blew a gasket.. a head gasket to be exact. so I was headding to Alberta anyways so why not have pappa Z have a look see! good ole dave showed me what was up, 2 slightley pulled inserts which created a port for the gasket to let go. it backfired on me one day and that was what did er. so milled it down .004 and it was good to go!

got it home and it was still running like shit, Miah spent the next 1.5 hours on the phone, pulled the carb (oh that is what a linkert looks like inside) reset the points reset the plugs, fired and tuned the carb... that guy is a God!

the love pan is back on the road and running great!


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

mmmmmm'ore stuff for the pan!

so picked up a few more items as I roll along! I got 2 NOS 21" x 300 avon speedmasters, 18" star with dunlop tire, and a 21" early sportster wheel, this thing looks brand new no shit!! wish I had the balls to vent the bastard!

33.4 forks are at Mr. Crows for a shave and going to pick up my wishbone this weekend
fuk I love this stuff