Thursday, December 30, 2010


so funny, ya likely saw this all over the JJ but I am going to post it here, so that makes me original cuz you have not seen it here befor (watch the vid and you will get my lame joke)
Happy new years bitches!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

merry christmas pilgram

Hey Merry Christmas all! Hope ya all got everything you needed, tons o' chopper parts, and the continued love of family and friends. Have a great day and spend it with the ones that mean the most to you.
lots of love from the fifty family

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fifty's Haze Interviews

Click on the links below to read our past interviews with some of the most creative minds in the chopper scene today.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Such nice work Jay

man Jay over at special 79' does such nice work. my new tank for the pan! thanks Jay

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Evil Good Underground

It seems like more and more we are starting to see a flourish of small independent soft goods or clothing lines popping up. What I find interesting is the obvious tie to or meshing with the skate industry. I had the opportunity to chat with Dennet from the evil good underground to hear his take on this and to explore the good side of evil/

50: So Dennet thanks for taking the time to chat with me. Can you give us a bit of background on you?
EG:I grew up in the San Fernando Valley, which is a suburb of Los Angeles. It is “the Valley” and it is separated by the Santa Monica mountains to the other side which has the Los Angeles county beaches. So basically I grew up skateboarding in the valley, then started hitch-hiking to the beach and picked up surfing too. What was unique about the area was that I was influenced by all kinds of different people and places. On the valley side, it was the suburbs, Hollywood, Lowriders, Crips, Bloods, FFF, CP13, all mixed in and around our ‘hood, which was located in middle class Woodland Hills. And then over on the Malibu side we had all the rich kids from Pt. Dume/Malibu Beach mixed with the Suicidal’s and V13’s from Venice. It was a total mess, but now I look back and see how much it all influenced me, I’m proud to be from the Valley. The other part was the Santa Monica mountains, once we got licences, we drove or rode our cars and motorcycles to the beach. Through curvy canyons, tons of them, and it became part of our scene too, so we raced cars and motorcycles through these canyons all the time, and that’s how I got introduced to machines for speed. Now I live in San Diego, I work at C1RCA as the Creative Director, and have worked in the footwear and apparel industry for a good amount of time. Since then I’ve worked for and started many brands, my most recent brand that I founded was Loser Machine. Adrian and I have decided to go our separate ways, and now I am focusing on The Evilgoods Underground.

50: I have been following your work for some time now and I have to say I was fucking stoked to see it finally hit threads. What influences your art work?
EG: My artwork is driven by my passions, I love machines and the history behind them. So many people get caught up in the aesthetics of the machines and look past the thought or people behind them. Men and women who took the time to create and think of things that ride or fly. Land, sky, sea. So much to get influenced by. The Evilgoods represents all of it, and it is where the brands name comes from. Most of these people, when they start their craft are looked down upon. Like when an explorer set sail back in the dark ages, the people thought he was out of his mind, probably Evil? But when he returns, with tales of new lands and riches he’s good? That’s Underground, believing in yourself, and not caring whether people see what you see. As my son put’s it “live your own life.” I mean what else, thats it.

50: If you look at the skate market there seems to be this obvious (obvious to some) draw or link between boarding and choppin’. Comune , Circa, Etnies, Vans, all have some line or item which ties directly to the chopper riding fool. What is it? Why this link?
EG: In the sixties in Southern California, when skateboarding and surfing started, this movement was already set. Robert Williams, Von Dutch, Ed Roth, and others where at the forefront of chopping everything. And at the same time skaters and surfers of the time where too. Von Dutch lived in southern California in Hermosa beach and Calabasas (Malibu) and was part of the whole skate/surf scene. In fact Ed roth (Rat Fink) is technically the first Anti-Hero. So really, all of us now are just recycling what has already been set. And the rad thing is that the hot stuff is all vintage, so what the fuck! Basically this draw isn’t new it has never gone away, and it is great to see us all still keeping it going.

50: So what sets the EG Underground apart from these other companies?
EG: The EG is authentic, I live this life, I build my own machines, and I design products that help define the Underground. I draw my influences from my mentors that are crafters, and learn from them and put it into art and product that is designed to support our craft. Also, I would like to continue to have the Evilgoods made here in California, or at least the USA. It makes no sense to me why almost every brand makes 80-90% of all their product overseas. The Evilgoods is hand made here in California!

50: Like a lot of the small soft good companies there are a few real crazy independent builders. Which ones stand out to you?
EG: My past colleague Rob Meyers started his own brand called Slvdr, he defines independent brand, he wanted to do it, and he did it. That kick ass.

50: So where do you see the EG going? What can we expect to see from you?
EG: The EG will be a brand that stays authentic, traditional, and quality driven. I will be working closely with other crafters to develop meaningful collaborations that will define the Underground.

50: Where can people go to see your current wears for sale?
EG: The Goods are available at I will be hand picking retailers soon.

50: Any parting words?
EG: Thanks to everyone for their kind words and support. And thank you Robin for helping spread the Evilgoods Underground!

PC shit itself

Well to the few who check back regularly I am sorry for no new content. My damn PC died. I have a new one coming. Within the week I will hve an interview posted with the creative mind of the evil good underground. Check back ya all