Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sturgis 2010

What a trip... hail in mooseJaw. Crazy lightning in Weyburn. Cool Boarder guards? yea! tornado watch and campin out in a Bar till it passed in Kill Deer. Killer grasshoppers in Dickenson. cool log cabin bar before we hit Sturgis. Fried coil in Deadwood. fixed coil in the parkin lot of super 8. Kick stand is down , Kick stand is down Kick stand is down!!!!
met some cool cats for sure Robert Hernandez(not sure on the spelling) and slippery Pete.
Rode home with a 90 MPH side wind from hell.... all too much fun!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

new project

got a really cool 53 FL I am cleaning up right now. cool bike man, 53 bottom with shovel tops. early model swing arm frame and crazy clean. I will be ripping this around for a bit and will likely sell after awhile. so pumped I found this

dude your kickstand is down

Dude your kick stand is down.... no really it is down... Dude its draggin'! I swear to fukin god If I hear that one more time! All the way to Sturgis and back and throughout the greater PA area. So I decided to fix the problem. 10 buk spring and 10 min. Love cycles showed me the hard way and the easy way to replace a kickstand spring... this is the easy way.