Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bye-bye baby

Once again Mr. Jordan Epp has done the impossible.  He has succeeded in making a goon like me look half cool.  We decided to have a little fun with the pan-shovel before i pass along it to the next owner.  enjoy.

For any Video or photo needs, hit up the ever talented Jordan Epp at or follow his adventures at The Antiquated Mule

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Au revoir

Mr. Willie Leake of the 501 Kult  took this nice shot of my old Pan Shovel at the Chop Meet a few weeks ago.  I have to admit I do love this bike but sad to say It is now sold.  Its not going far, and will actually be spending the winter in my garage and won't be a stranger to my garage for some time as my cousin has purchased it under the agreement that i keep it on the road for him.  Shouldnt be much of a problem as this old girl has been been incredibly reliable for me.  i'm moving on to bigger and better (or at least older and less reliable) things. Heres a little peek at whats replacing her.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Liam and the wizard hunter

I met Liam when him and the 501 boys came up from Regina to check out the Chop Meet a few weeks ago.   Solid dudes.  Glad to know good things are happening in our sister city, we instantly "bro'd down" if you know what i mean.  I don't know what i mean.  Anyhow, Liam scored Jordans old XS "Dale" and appears to be making sweet love to it ever since.  Now coined "The Wizard Hunter", i'm glad to see such a cool bike go to such a loving and caring home.  I know he is struggling to make changes to personalize the bike abit as Jordan did such a rad job, but  I can tell already that any changes he does do will be proper as he seems to "get it", if you know what i mean.  ok enough quotations, check out these pics of Mr. Liam and the Wizard hunter out prowling for bitches.  keep up with the 501 Kult here


Came across these old 60's polaroid scans randomly on bookface, no idea whose bike it is but man its got it going on.  not too sure about that sissy bar but loving the rest of the package.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Jeff Wright, the mastermind behind Church of Choppers (duh) has once again blown my mind and set the bar high with his latest build.  "Crazy Bike" as it appears to me coined is Jeff's latest, put together for the Brooklynn invitational this coming weekend.  Jeffs vision, engineering, race influenced style and fit and finish are second to none.  I love what this man can do to a pile of motorcycle parts.

Saskatoon does dICE once again

Dice issue 46 is out now and features (among others) my brotha and Saskatoon native , Mr. Cory Tremeer's bitchin garage built CB750 with photos by none other then Saskatoon's finest camera clicker Mr. Jordan Epp.  Amazing paint work by Cole Jabush and Dekay.  Get yourself a copy here or hit me up,  ill be getting a few copies in of this issue.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Drunkie wears chaps

Drunkie puts on chaps from brian jessop on Vimeo.

i apologize for this video. it will make you dumber if you watch it.

Chop Meet Video

Huge thanks to my brother Jordan Epp for putting this together.  Great job as always.
Feel free to re-post, share and pass around.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Chop Meet People

The bikes and parts are cool but the people are really what made Chop Meet a success. Young and old, punks and drunks, aged bikers and curious newbies..  Women and kids.  Old freinds were re-connected and new friends were made.  Huge props to those that travelled from afar, especially those that made trek from Winnipeg, Regina and Prince Albert.  The last picture really sums up the day.  Two total strangers at the start of the day, brothers by the end.   Thank you so much to everyone that attended.  Photos by the ever talented mr. Jordan Epp.  see more at

Monday, September 10, 2012

Chop meet and potatoes

Well Chop Meet 2 is over and done and was a huge success! Tons of people, tons of parts, beers and BBQ. No one went home without some new goodies and a belly full. new friends were made and old friends were reconnected. I can't say thank you enough to everyone that came out. Especially those that came from afar. (huge props to the winnipeg crowd that travelled over 9 hours!) huge thanks to the sponsors for all the giveaway items, people were stoked! I'll be posting lots of pictures and stories up on here in the near future. Next years event is going to be even bigger and better, and not on my lawn! Stay tuned.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

winding down

The last few items for the giveaway are trickling in, got some rad gear from evilgood underground.  very nice stuff.  and two $100 gift certificates from local tattoo masters Rites of Passage.   There is only a few mail days left before the swap so i hope the last few sponsorship items make it in time.  either way there is a ton of loot and it is going to be a ridiculous giveaway.  see you all on sunday.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Always on my mind

Really got the knucklehead buzz bad right now.  Can't get it outta my brain.  If anyone (long shot i know) has a spare knucklehead engine they want to horse trade for all or some my really good parts (pan cases, motors, heads, forks frames etc. whatever.  might even sacrifice a perfectly good pan shovel chopper for the right deal)  get at me.  cuz i want one.  and i don't have the wallet to have to build one piece by piece. join the club, i know.  but i gotta throw it out there!