Wednesday, June 29, 2011

California in a nut shell

I gotta say i'm pretty much speechless. We had such a great time. I'm no pro when it comes to taking pictures so i'll let the more photo-worthy bloggers out there show you all the amazing bikes and happenings at the big show. Heres just a little run down of our trip.

Fly in, in-n-out burger, checked out the OBEY headquarters (thanks Chris!), Check in @ Huntington Beach, sleep, Born Free - Mind numbing - too beat for the Dice Party, sleep, Swap meet, Burn to a crisp on the beach, booze to relieve the pain, sleep, shopping, drive down coast, lay on beach in t-shirt and cover up 2nd degree burns on legs, more booze for pain, sleep, fly home.

We were there for less then five days but it felt like much longer. Had such a good time, met so many cool people, great memories. Can't wait to go back. I'll randomly post more pics as i go through them.

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Paulo - Joe King said...

That In-N-Out pic is killing me!