Friday, April 29, 2011


Check out the "How to narrow a springer" from the Rigid Hips blog. Easily the best "how to" ever.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Light a fire under my ass


For various reasons I haven't been putting much time or effort into the mid peg mounts and Lee style brake pedals. They will be $100 plus shipping for either the mounts or the pedal. Handmade polished stainless steel. Made to fit harley rigid frames with footboard mounts. weld on mounts are available for extra as well as custom application mounts. Email me @ if you are interested and i will get my ass in gear. first come first serve.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Papa

Our good friend Jordan over at Antiquated mule got himself one o them thar shuvel heads. I heard someone the other day refer to him as "the dude with the homeless guy beard" bahahaha I Can't wait to see what happens with this build.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Joe is KING!

Paulo is the creative mad man over at Joe King. If you are not familiar with his helmets you have simply got to check it out. With customers such as Gilby Clark, 4Q, Jeff Wright and Love Cycles you know this man has developed a loyal following.

50: Thanks for your time Paulo! I really appreciate it. Can you give us a bit of background… where you from, how long have you been building helmets?

Paulo: I’m from Sao Paulo , Brazil...I’ve always loved racing and motorcycles...helmets were the identity of the pilots/riders during the race and that always caught my attention...I used to draw helmets everywhere...painted my first one at my grandmas garage at age 8...(it sucked)and my father hated that I destroyed his Bell helmet. Been trashing helmets, collecting and “trying” to paint them ever since...First one that came out good was made about 7 years ago...

50: How much of the work do you do? Are you the artist and builder?

Paulo: I shaped the shells out of 60s helmets added a little twist and came up with my own shells, I do the design, drill holes, rivets, mount all the lining, attach the chrome trim, place the straps, I finish ALL’s been over 800 now...and I’ll keep doing it for as long as I can...but I have no intention to grow into a mass production...I love handmade parts and that’s what I want for my helmets too.

50: Where do you draw inspiration from as an artist?

Paulo: Inspiration is everywhere...vintage motorcycle racing, vintage F1, old chopper mags but I like the basic 60s and 70s designs... simple designs are always the best...

50: What is the Chopper scene like in Brazil?

Paulo: It’s getting bigger and bigger...nothing compared to the US. Harley sales here are huge...but it’s so hard to find old those who have them became hardcore enthusiasts...

50: I understand you are working to develop a rider inspired rally. Whats the info on that?

Paulo: Well, last year I went to Born Free 2 and Brooklyn Invitational was so great, the people, the bikes and everything that an opportunity appeared and I couldn’t let it pass... It’s time to bring to Brazil something similar to what I‘ve experienced in the States. Nothing like this has ever been done before I’m totally stoked about it.

50: Whats playing on your shop radio right now?

Paulo: the usual, stones, old ac/dc, david allan coe...right now: Jack-A-Roe - Grateful Dead

50: Who inspires you as a builder?

Paulo: Jeff Wright and Max Schaaf... They have different styles but I admire them a lot. They have a very special eye and are just good people... really down to earth dudes...

50: You travel a ton right? Where is your favorite place to hang? What events are you going to this summer?

Paulo: I have to (what a f$&¨%n’ great excuse, right?) can’t beat partying in Brazil but the second favorite would be L.A. . I wish I could do more events, it’s a dream to travel to see bikes meet great people and drink beer...I can’t even call it work. I’ll definitely be at BF and BI again...wish I could go to Revenge Run 2 and Ride To Skate 5...

50: So cool man! Thanks for your time here. Any final words, shouts, props, thanks, ect?

Paulo: Just stoked about everything...It’s a great joy to be able to work with what you love... I’d like to thank my family, buddies from SiniStroS, Jeff, Max and Matt/Dean from DicE...these guys taught me a lot and helped me more than they are aware of...I’m very thankful for that. Also...thank you very much for the opportunity and hope you can make it to Two Wheels Brazil!

photo by: Cicero deGuzman Jr

All other photos from Joe King

Saturday, April 23, 2011

FUCT me.....

Not sure if ya all have see the FUCT site lately but you should check it out... these guys are amazing. Be sure to click on their blog. Really great photos. Kinda sux there are no more FUCT dealers up in my area anymore.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's not a triumph!!



Cory Tremeer's W650 chop - Cyclemania 2011
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I didn't get the kicks



But I got the bell! Thanks Mark!! too cool...
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hi, my name is Brian..

and this is my motorcycle.

1953 74" pan motor w/82 shovel heads
SU eliminator II carb
BDL 1.5" belt drive
late HD 4-speed ratchet top transmission
early sportster from drum hub laced to 21" w/Avon rubber
mid-star rear hub laced to 19" borrani alum. rim w/Firestone rubber
H-D juice drum rear brake
vintage narrow 41mm trees with chrome tubes and early wideglide shaved lowers.
72 HD frame hardtailed with oem cast axle plates
Wassell fender
GME ribbed tank
Bates headlight
custom stainless sissy bar by me
paugcho exhaust w/ NOS Superior mufflers
cheap tail light
swap meet seat and ebay pad
Hippy Killer grips
custom stainless t-bars bars by me
NOS Custom Cycle mid peg mounts
frame hardtailed by Bernie's Machine works.
frame paint by cole
tin paint by CSIK

All other custom work/assembly/beer drinking/swearing/everything else by me.

Can't wait to put some miles on her.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Knuckle head for sale **SOLD**

My buddy Ryan has this Knuckle head for sale. 1955 matching cases titled with knuckle conversion all original parts and numbers, and motor was just completely gone thru. Titled 1955 fl harley

for more info email him at grossman50pan@yahoo

Saturday, April 16, 2011

cycle mania 2011 pix

Cycle mania

So headed through the snow to attend the Cyclemania show. I have to say there was a real good turn out of builder and vendors. Had the chance to finally meet up with Brent of cycle boy. Such a cool guy and had a shit load of crazy parts. Headed over to the Hambone custom booth and met the guys from Antiquated Mule (super nice guys with great rides!!) I have to say (and I might be bias) but the bell of the ball had to be Fiftys own LOCO pan shovel. Brian did such a great job on this bike. Every detail was attended to. I am sure he will do a complete run down and detail all the parts but for now here are a few pix from the show.

serious..... really?!? why

So hop on the pan for my 4th rip of the season and it starts running funny.... just as I get the RPM's up it acts like it wants to cut out... SHIT! had a similar feeling when my REG was going so I tested the REG and all good. So I put a new coil on and fingers crossed.... nope! check the points gap and sand em a bit, all ok there. pull the plugs. the rear was golden brown and the front was blacker than a bear turd. clean it up and go for a rip and same cutting out... pull the plug and fukin black again. threw in a new plug. Gave er one kick and BALM (ala batman for back fire) one more kick and fires up. took it out on the highway and it pulled strong.

Sorry long story for a spark plug eh

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cyclemania 2011

If you are in the province of Saskatchewan don't for get to come down to cyclemania and Ink alley this weekend @ prairieland park. My Pan/shovel will be in the custom show as well as lots of other new bikes from the antiquated mule boys, bastards saskatoon and tons others. I'll be down there all weekend so come say hi and buy me a beer!

Monday, April 11, 2011

did you get yours?

Max's new shoe colab with vans and Utility just got released today for online purchase. Did you get yours? Max X Vans X Utility

Thursday, April 7, 2011


I think its quite obvious, either way its a great watch. Best film i've seen in a long time.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Saskatchewan drag triumph

Hebb's old drag bike. 900cc bonneville, hurst/airheart brakes, invader front wheel, custom aluminum tank, this thing is the tits! supposedly was a 12 second bike!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday PM

This is the part i love. one step at a time. So far coming together nicely. time for sleep.


Pryed myself away from the garage this afternoon to pay Randy a visit down at Hebb's Cycle. Scored a huge stack of old cycle mags, easy riders, ironhorse, street chopper etc. plus some tasty odds and ends. Score of the day was a new chrome rear axle and spacer for the pan shovel, pics from randy's shop and amazing cycle collection coming soon...

Sunday AM

Final assembly begins. PM to follow....

Late night in the booth

Late night/early morning in the booth with Cole. Tired and stoked.