Saturday, April 16, 2011

serious..... really?!? why

So hop on the pan for my 4th rip of the season and it starts running funny.... just as I get the RPM's up it acts like it wants to cut out... SHIT! had a similar feeling when my REG was going so I tested the REG and all good. So I put a new coil on and fingers crossed.... nope! check the points gap and sand em a bit, all ok there. pull the plugs. the rear was golden brown and the front was blacker than a bear turd. clean it up and go for a rip and same cutting out... pull the plug and fukin black again. threw in a new plug. Gave er one kick and BALM (ala batman for back fire) one more kick and fires up. took it out on the highway and it pulled strong.

Sorry long story for a spark plug eh

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