Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cycle mania

So headed through the snow to attend the Cyclemania show. I have to say there was a real good turn out of builder and vendors. Had the chance to finally meet up with Brent of cycle boy. Such a cool guy and had a shit load of crazy parts. Headed over to the Hambone custom booth and met the guys from Antiquated Mule (super nice guys with great rides!!) I have to say (and I might be bias) but the bell of the ball had to be Fiftys own LOCO pan shovel. Brian did such a great job on this bike. Every detail was attended to. I am sure he will do a complete run down and detail all the parts but for now here are a few pix from the show.


I_am_10_ninjas said...

Good to finally meet you in person. Hopefully next time you come south the weather will permit some two wheeled action.

Canada Rob said...

you to man... I had plans to ride down but fuk the snow!!!