Friday, March 29, 2013

New HotRod

Love my 51 and nothing can replace it, but I did pick up a twincam FXDXT this year.  Got it from a fellow named Sharkey out of Alberta.  I thought I was just buying a dyna but the amount of time and effort he put into this thing is crazy.

The motor
103 inch via SE 4 3/8” stroker crank
10.5 – 1 CP pistons provided by HQ
HQ 033G camshaft with S&S gear drive
S&S IST ignition
HQ headwork on stock heads
SE 51CV carb
Chrome rocker boxes

The chassis
Rear: 4.25” X 18”   Front: stock size 19”
Excell aluminum rims
Buchannan stainless spokes
Lyndall composite rotors
Sputhe aluminum swingarm
Sputhe engine mount system

My buddy HateMachine Cole has been showing me the ropes of the TwinCams
More fun to come with this hotrod.... 

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