Monday, March 25, 2013

Hard Ride Vintage Cycles

So this hobby of mine of playing with old motorcycles has transformed into a much bigger beast than I originally anticipated.  I have gone from building and playing with my own scooter to building multiples bikes at the same time.  Some for myself, for others and for strictly re-sale.  So due to this frenzy of activity in my little shop I have decided to set up under a proper shop name, Hard Ride Vintage Cycles.  I recently finished up the Red Rooster and sold it to a hell of a good man in Winnipeg, MB.  soon to be renamed "Dogs Breakfast" Pan-shovel is nearing completion and my own 47 knuck chop is starting to come together.  Spring is near and I have a ton of work to finish before the big melt.  I am not running a full service motorcycle shop out of my garage but rather I want to focus and maintin on working on one bike or two bikes at a time.  I may be able to find the time to do a little bit of custom fab and mechanical work but I am really mostly interested on full builds.  And I am not interested on working on your softtail custom or old Jap scoot.  preferably big twin vintage harley.  Anyways I have set up a webstore with my new shop tees.  and as always you can contact me at with any inquiries. Also i am working  blog as a home base site for Hard Ride at but i will continue to post on fiftys as well.  blogs are pretty dead anyways if you havent noticed, so if you really want to catch up on what im up to, follow me on instagram at  @thehardride

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Canada Rob said...

congrats buddy! stoked for you