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Surfing the web you see lots of people jumping on trends trying to catch a buck…. Over done, over engineered, over decorated etc. etc. What you don’t see enough of is simple timeless classics that are well made with love, care, and pride. One such classic is the Holliday wallet collection crafted from the mind of Christopher Earhart. This is a small look into his corner of the world and his craft which stands alone.

50: Hey Christopher how are things? Give us a bit about you… Where you from? What’s your background? How did you get started working with leather?

Christopher: Im’ good man, busy! I’m a Tejano, who lives and acts like a New Englander now. I’m a blue eyed devil in chicano body.Like Miklo from Blood in Blood out, but reversed.

I’ve been designing all my life, with everything I do. I’m more of like an “Idea Guy”, the bulb lights up and then I find the electrician so to speak. In this case; my lady came to me to asking how I we could make more Commissary($) for her pop, who was going on the last leg of his 15-30 in a North Texas prison, who acquired heavy skill set in leatherwork. While I’ve always wanted to get into leatherwork, I just never made the time, before this. Well this gave the me the opportunity to design exactly what I wanted and have a person truly talented in the field make it and nail it from the get! After awhile people were interested and the rest is history.

50: I consider myself fortunate to have a Holliday wallet. I have to ask where did the name come from?

Christopher: I’ve always put alot of thought in naming a product, It needs to be relevant to the story, style and it must start with an “H” I have a thing for them! Doc Holliday became an almost noble outlaw, then to Wyatt’s trusted friend and peacemaker. For Holliday Leather its like, Outlaw to Nobleman back to Outlaw for the story of the tradesman (Flaco: my father in law). The back to Outlaw, must stay an unwritten story for legal purposes. Ask me in person. Style well, I’d like to think they have a West Texas western look to them and The Doc was famous for being in the Westerns I watched when I was a kid. I was joking about the H, but for some reason it always works! My wife’s company is called Harlett, ha! Doc’s main squeeze was a Harlet!

50: My favorite part of your wallets (aside from the smell) has to be the Liberty Coin. What’s the story there?

Christopher: No real story, other than I love my freedom! Theres companies out there, that all they do is make coin conchos, the liberty is the best. Hopefully one day we’ll be able have custom one made.

50: What’s your favorite part of working with leather?

Christopher: Not having to actually do it, haha. It can get frustrating, I’ve done my share.

I love developing new ideas and see if they work and perfecting them. What I really want is to break into outerwear, using leather of course bur focusing on codura, ripstop and current military spec material. The future is near, ha.

50: Name the one piece of machinery/equipment you could not live without.

Christopher: I tattooed a ruler into my finger that I couldn’t seem to live without now.

50: What inspires you as an artist/designer?

Christopher: My favorite saying is. “The Devil is in the details”. I love subtlety , but I love detail. So, subtle detail can kill me! From bikes to clothing to life!

50: What’s next for you and Holliday? Can we expect to see anything new?

Christopher: We have been very busy, but we move slow to get it right. Much more product choices to come and eventually clothing to compliment.

50: What are your plans for this summer? Are you hitting any of the big shows/rallies?

Christopher: Ride man, ride!!! For Holliday as of right now. We will be at BF4, Sturgis, Laconia and the Brooklyn Invitational, ride to Sk8 in philly and I’m probably forgetting some.

51. Any last words? Anyone you’d like to thank?

Christopher: First and foremost I’d like to thank everyone in this little community of ours who has supported Holliday and every other company that keeps it real and handmade!! My wife Jackie, my father in law Flaco, without him this would only be a another idea.

And to you man, thanks.

Ride Fast,

All photo credits go to Holiday and HOTW sites


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