Saturday, March 31, 2012

Evo Chop for sale

Murray asked me to post this for him.  Bike is located in Saskatoon, Sk Canada.  Delivery is unavailable. Come and get it ya self. If the bike doesn't sell as is, we may part it out.  But that'd be a shame cuz this is gonna make a real bitchin chopper.  Heres the details.

- duel disc ,stock 6 over, wide glide (chrome lowers) with 21” 40 spoke wheel.
- stock 80” ehead (ultima cases) freshly rebuilt by Dean Larousch. not been fired.
- spline shaft 5 speed (rebuilt) no miles.
- New style inner and outer with new style wet clutch primary drive (complete) includes starter.
- custom made aluminium oil bucket for big battery. Dean Larousch
- custom made frame, big stretch, 38 degrees. “NO NUMBERS” rules for new frames on line
   With hiway traffic board. Signal lights and tail light may be an issue. I was going to have the bigger ones required,
   On it for inspection then loose them asap.
- custom rear fender, drunken home made crooked bitch bar, modified belt cover.
- 40 spoke 16” rear wheel with new style rear 1.25 pulley, and rear belt included.
- King sporty tank, filler mover to top, petcock moved to left side and back, rubber mounted, front filled for hidden wiring block.
- old style forward controles made of heavier stock by Kevin Stark.
- West coast straight pipes, phoney baffles with turnouts so cop can’t use his club to check for baffles, by Old Lou.
- model A tail light with plate.
I think that’s it.
If interested contact Murray at (306)261-4180 or email

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