Sunday, November 6, 2011

I love swap meets

So me, Jordan and Cory got up at the crack of dawn and heading South to the Regina Swap. Upon a quick survey of the room, things looked kinda lame, but once the crowd starting flowing in, the parts started to move. Long story short, i came home in the black cash wise and got a ton of goodies. Apparently we were the only ones looking for anything pre-1991. Scores of the day was the guy who asked me if i'd trade my set of sportster gauges (i woulda gave em away if he asked) for a 16" borrani rim. um sure!


ALien POison said...

Atta boy I'm proud!! That looks like alot of handpicked goodies. Reminds me of
What I'm in for next weekend. I fucking love this shit!!

choppershawn said...

Hey dudes, you don't possibly still have that susuki tank that was on the floor by your table do ya still? Fukn kickin myself for not snatchin it before I left!