Thursday, August 18, 2011

Yuppie Run

Its that time again, this weekend is the 3rd annual yuppie run! Let the good times roll. If you are confused about the name, heres a bit of an explanation. Like all the "badass" weekend warriors of our city, we are gonna throw a leg over our trusty steeds and head to the cottage country of christopher/emma/waskesiu lakes. Altho this group is a little more dirtbag than yuppie, we take inspiration from the doctors and lawyers of the redline clientele. Booze, drugs and debauchery will ensue, its sure to prove a good time, or at least a shitty hangover and a few injuries in the morning. Pics and stories will hopefully be chronicled and shared if our memories serve us well.


Anonymous said...

Still too hungover to update blog post on Yuppie run? Haha

Anonymous said...

put me on the list next year.