Friday, August 26, 2011

Life lessons

Or at least a motorcycle buying lesson for all of you out there. The picture has nothing to do with any of this.

New rule #1 - when you talk to the guy on the phone, give him your FULL name. Its a small world, and the chopper/motosickle scene is even smaller. If he knows you, he'll probly give you dibs.

Rule #2 - Show up early. Like 30 minutes early, big deal if you gotta sit in your truck and listbigot both sides of appetite for destruction for the 345678th time. Its worth not getting beat to the score that lies in that garage.

Theres other rules than these, but i'm not getting into things too deep here, these two just came to light with me over a deal that went wrong. If i'd followed these rules, i'd have another chopper project sitting in the garage without my wallet being emptied out completely. Life goes on.

But on a postive note, I came across another out of this world deal today, So stay tuned for details on my next winter project...

oh yeah and another life lesson, totally unrelated. When your ol lady tells you not to take her camera on a ride, and tells you not to put it in that shitty old army backpack, Well you should probably listen. Cuz I didn't and so the reason there is no pics/follow-up on yuppie run, is cuz the camera is in the ditch out there somewhere. By the way, yuppie run was a fucking blast. Big thanks to Wreck and Sluggo, can't wait till next year.

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