Monday, September 24, 2012

Liam and the wizard hunter

I met Liam when him and the 501 boys came up from Regina to check out the Chop Meet a few weeks ago.   Solid dudes.  Glad to know good things are happening in our sister city, we instantly "bro'd down" if you know what i mean.  I don't know what i mean.  Anyhow, Liam scored Jordans old XS "Dale" and appears to be making sweet love to it ever since.  Now coined "The Wizard Hunter", i'm glad to see such a cool bike go to such a loving and caring home.  I know he is struggling to make changes to personalize the bike abit as Jordan did such a rad job, but  I can tell already that any changes he does do will be proper as he seems to "get it", if you know what i mean.  ok enough quotations, check out these pics of Mr. Liam and the Wizard hunter out prowling for bitches.  keep up with the 501 Kult here


peter jackson said...

hey i know that guy!

williecb750 said...

Rad shit! Stoked to meet you dudes too!