Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Swap Meat

more awesome giveaway items for the Chop Meet Raffle.  Lee at Hambone Kustoms went above and beyond with a beautiful set of polished stainless t-bars and two sets of powdercoated bars.  plus a stack of his LeElvis shirts.  hit him up at www.hambonekustoms.com for any custom fabricating.

The handsome brothers, Doug and Kelly of Haifley Brothers of Phoenix, AZ were gtracious enough to send us a box full of goodies including one of theirbeautiful p-pads and soem hats, shirts and other goodies.  these guys rule.  Check em out for everything from custom seats to full builds.  Haifley Bros.


Billy Sastard said...

Super bummed. Gonna be out of town. This is one sausage that is not gonna make that party. Damn it anyways, fuck.

Cory said...

Super stoked to be able to make it up for this event. The plan is to ride up and try and find someone willing to drive the truck filled with parts to hock. It'll also be nice to meet all you guys as well. There isn't many chopper freaks in this province.