Monday, May 21, 2012

Sink or Swim

This is Jordan Epp and this is his motorcycle, Sink or swim.  First i'll tell you a little about Jordan, then i'll move on to the bike.  Jordan and I met a few years ago through the local motorcycle chopping world, i believe it was at some local gay motorcycle convention thing.  We both had beards and a blog and naturally we became bros.      That last sentence could turn into a pretty funny chopper dude shirt.  nevermind, chopper skater dude humour.  anyways.  i think we click so good together because we both live in the same world.  Blue collar workers, wife and a couple kids at home.  Trying to feed the family, pay the mortgage and play with motorcycles at the same time.  Jordan literally builds bikes in a 10x12 shed in his back yard.  He has great vision, oodles of style and a work ethic that is something to be proud of.  He is the epitomy of the back yard builder.  Late nights after work, crushing beers and spraying sparks, he's in heaven in that shed.  I knew when he called me up and told me he found a basket shovel that it would turn into something great.  Sink or swim is a slapshot into the mesh.  Built on a budget, yet no details were half-assed, this is a motorcycle to be proud of.  Whenever i need advice on something bike related, Jordo is the first guy i call and he always straightens my frazzled mind out.  A true believer of "stick to your first instinct"   he envisioned what he wanted with this bike and I am proud to have been able to help make it a reality.  Way to go brother, i'm proud of you and am excited to put on many miles beside you on this fine steed.

Check out his blog  Antiquated Mule

If you see any really nice photos of my bikes on this blog, most likely they were taken by Jordan.  His photography is nothing but professional.  check out his work, or better yet, pay him to shoot your bike!
Jordan Epp Photography

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