Saturday, April 28, 2012

CycleMania 2012

Saskatoon's premier (only) motorcycle show & extravaganza was held again a few weeks ago, and in my usual timey fashion i'm about 3 weeks late on posting pics up.  I've entered a bike into the builder show the last 4 years but decided that I was much too busy (handsome) to bother this year.  Actually i spent the winter working on everyone elses bikes rather than my own and was just as swamped trying to help the brothers get finished in time.  As usual a great time was had as it is a local tradition to basically drink as much booze as possible all weekend long and talk bike for hours and hours on end.  Heres some highlights, i'll post more pics and info on each bike when i get around to it.

apparently i havent uploaded all the pics off my camera it seems so i'll have vol.2 coming soon....

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WhitelinePsycho said...

Amps, bikes . . . just some axes and it's a perfect scenario, damn, I have to get my bones to the land of the Maple Leaf one day, good shit guys, cheers.