Saturday, May 14, 2011

Yard $ale

4 speed hand shift top - sold
vintage LEFCO hand shifter w/black knob - sold
Benchmark HD Rings points cover - sold
TCME HD ribbed primary inspection cover - sold
Springer headlight mount - sold
HD 33.4mm front axle - new - $25
HD battery hold down rods - new - $15
HD battery top cover - new - $15
cateye taillight - new - sold
Shovelhead hand levers - new - sold

sportster 35mm trees -$30

HD 32E generator for knuckle, Pan, WL not sure if it works sold

All prices are PLUS shipping. Paypal only unless your local. email for more pics, details, more parts coming...

1 comment:

ted said...

Want to buy the Generator. Where do I send the payment need shipping cost to 60438.