Thursday, January 27, 2011


Well i guess i should introduce myself, My name is Brian, I am an obsessive motorcycle addict (to put it lightly). I live in the great white northern city of Saskatoon, Sk.  only a few chopper tankfuls away from robin's homestead in Prince Albert.  i enjoying building bikes almost as much as I enjoy riding them, and have built a few i can say i am proud of, over the last few years.  Robin and I have decided to team up on fifty's haze and will have some exciting stuff happening around the blog in the next little while.  I'll be posting the odd pics from my current pan/shovel build as well as the obvious cheeseburger shots and oh-so-rare-and-grungy-and- vintage-chopper pics stolen from someone elses blog.  You know, the usual kinda stuff you find on these things.  Heres a few shots that  my bro jordan took around my garage a little while ago...

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