Saturday, May 29, 2010

out with the old...

so this has been a trouble shooting nightmare. got past the coi and not I am thinking the gen is messed. hooked the volt meter up and was getting wonky readings from 13v to 3 v as the RPMs went up... sent it away for an assessment.... but this left one question. wait 4 weeks to get it back and hope that was the issue or get another gen in the meantime

so I placed a call to travis ar prarie rec here in PA and he got on the horn and ordered me a new cycle electric 12V gen alternator combo. it was pricey but they are suppose to run like a ma.

I am not joking if this does not solve the issue look for me under the bridge in the fetal position nursing a 40


ALien POison said...

Oh shit here comes pandoras box..jk but for real I had same issue changed my gen to a cycle electric and have been working on the bike everyday for a month since then I've changed my carb, distrib, coil, gen, got head rebuilt, wiring, axle, petcock etc. .And just when it was looking good again the carb took a shit last night. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Canada Rob said...

shit man that is crazy... well I know the armeture was shot on this gen and it was running great prior to this... so lets hope!

have a great trip to borne man!