Monday, September 22, 2008

here we go

here we go... and where is that? the end of the riding season is fast upon us and it is time to park the scoots. So what does that leave us with? A full winter season to contemplate new ideas, new modifications, or possibly building a ground up ride. This was my first summer to ride my ground up build based off of a CFL frame. Now for some "master builders" this may not be a great feat but for joe garage I was quite pleased with myself. the bike ran strong and allowed me to have my first blast out to the Sturgis rally with my pops.

So winter is coming and these are the things I will reflect on... my new scoot, rolling with family and friends and the future progress of my new build.

so why the hell this blog? it is more for me to keep track of build progress and to share images of some of the bike/builders I really respect and adapt (steal) ideas from. So welcome to 50's Haze and feel free to post what ever ya like...


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